No, I’m not crazy, I swear

Harrison and I take walks not to give me exercise, but so save my sanity. Without these walks I would surely go insane. So when my walks are interrupted I get very annoyed.

Since it has gotten warm out, bugs have started to emerge. I hate bugs like any regular person, but I LOATHE bugs that actually bug you, the flying kind that seem to gravitate towards a person. Lately, these stupid flying bugs, which I swear gang up on me, have been following me. Literally, following me. There is a constant swarm right above and behind my head. This, obviously, interrupts my walk as I have to swat at the bugs. The constant swatting every few seconds, I’m sure, has led people in my neighborhood to assume that I am a nutso. Normally I would care, but I want those bugs dead.
If I was a good web designer I would create a “wanted: dead” poster for these suckers. So, since I can’t make that, I will leave you with a fo-toe I found on the interwebs:



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