We began introducing solid foods to the darling child around 4 1/2 months because he seemed interested in it. We started with veggies, moving through the three-day rule with ease, and graduated to fruits and blended meals. He had no problem with peas, or any other veggie, for the first 2 months. Then, out of nowhere, he hated peas. And not just a simple, sour face kind of hatred. It was a full blown -im-going-to-cry-if-you-dont-get-this-crap-out-of-my-face kind of hatred.

It was very bizarre to say the least, but I soldiered on. 1 week ago today, I began another pea battle in an effort to finish off the stock of peas we had. It all began very innocently, the first few bites went down O.K., with only a couple of sour faces. Then, we came to, The Incident. I was about to feed him his third bite of the stupid peas and he man-swatted at the spoon. This tiny little boy, with a tiny little swat, from a tiny little open-faced-palm, created a huge softball sized splatter zone. Sigh.

so, in light of these events, I decided that I am going to try to teach him “no” (I know I will regret that later) and teach him not to do these things. So, I said, “No, Harrison. No. Don’t do that” in a very stern voice and looked him straight in the eyes.

That little stinker looked me right back in the eyes and grinned the biggest grin I have ever seen him do. He even had a twinkle in his eye.

Game. Set. Match. Momma,

The baby always wins.


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