At dawn we ride! To the park!

It was a balmy 86 degrees today here in good ‘ol Fenton, Michigan. Quite an oddity for early May, but we welcome it with open arms. It gives us an excuse to head outside which is a necessity after all the cold crap we go through.

Today, Harrison and I packed up the stroller and headed into downtown Fenton, we walked around, exploring the dam, gazebo, and little shops that Historic Dibbleville has to offer.


I tried to resist the urge, but I gave in and fed my fat-ass an ice cream sundae. However, downtown Fenton doesn’t have an ice cream place (what kind of downtown doesn’t have an ice cream place to cater to my needs?) so I proceeded to drive 5 miles to Uncle Rays. Side Note: Uncle Rays ice cream is comparable to Ziggys in Grand Blanc, if you’re familiar. Both are excellent sources for fat laden creamy goodness.

The moral of the story here is, after walking in the sweltering heat, pushing my chunky boy around, I ruined any caloric loss with my bad choices.

I blame the baby. He made me do it.



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