My Magnificent Friday

I had such an eventful day today! I was woken up at 1:00 am by a crying baby (who just happens to be the fruit of my loins), I was woken up by the thunderstorms, we went to my parents to run their garage sale, and then I went and worked (oh yeah, baby, I worked).

Getting to work (Macy’s) was a nightmare because of the flooding, as Mid-michigan had quite the downpour last night, and the mall was “dead” so I only worked two hours. Don’t judge me.

I then proceeded to eat 4 slices of pizza and a couple (okay, few) breadsticks. If the baby doesn’t kill me, heart disease will!

While I know my day seems so exciting and stress-free, I was still persuaded to top off the day with a delicious cocktail. You know, after the darling infant was sleeping. Again, don’t judge me.



I know ^^this guy^^ isn’t judging me. (Yet.)


One thought on “My Magnificent Friday

  1. It is refreshing to see that all variations of the Jewenski women (testing is incomplete on if it is the Boyer gene) enjoy ice cream sundaes on their calorie burning walks.

    Your husband will get tired of hearing how you have to walk, and walk, and walk, only to enjoy a DQ, or Ziggy if that is what your prefer.


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