Cinco de Mayo!

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Planning a wedding while you’re trying to cut down the invite list is even less of an easy task. Mama be stressed, yo.

I went to Midland today to watch my best friend try on wedding dresses for HER wedding, which was a welcome reprieve from my own planning and baby-rearing. Then we went out to lunch, after much milling over what restaurant to go to, we all settled on the Mexican place down the street. This was pretty awesome because, did you know?, it’s Cinco de Mayo! I skipped a Marg (margarita for you non-alchys) because I have a wedding dress to fit into. Buttttttt then I ate my weight in chips and salsa. Worrrrth itttttt.

Jon (the fiancé) picked me up after lunch to meet with the music lady for the wedding and this was the face that greeted me:


He’s stressed too, ya know?


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