Unsolicited advice is very annoying. When it comes from a mother, sometimes it’s more annoying. However, as you get older, advice from your parents is, if not always welcome, at least appreciated. Advice from your parents is some of the best advice because they know you the best and want the best for you. It is advice that is given selflessly and lovingly. I hope that if there is one piece of advice I can give Harrison that he listens to, it would be to not make a permanent decision based off of temporary feelings. This bit of advice can be applied to almost any situation.

If there is one bit of wisdom that he is bound and determined to teach me, so far, it would be to not take life so seriously. Recently, he developed an aversion to the word “no.” How can a 7 month old make a joke out of my very serious rules? Let me show you:

I laugh in the face of Rules! Ahhahahahaa
^^click on the link!

Sorry to have to send you to YouTube for the videos, only way I can do it. Quit ‘cher bitchin.


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