Today Obama pissed me off. I was minding my own business, watching television, when his big head interrupted my previously scheduled programming. Now, I realize that when there is breaking news sometimes shows have to be interrupted. But when that “breaking news” is just the president explaining that he supports gay marriage, I have to get a little peeved. Mind you, I’m not peeved that he supports it, but rather that this is considered breaking news. Someone dying, that could be breaking news, a terrorist attack, that could be breaking news. NOT an interview with the president about how he feels about gay rights. There are 1000 more important things for us as a society to be concerned about, why can’t they just put it to a vote and let the majority decide?

I believe that Obama, very conveniently, came out with this “breaking news” not because he’s a cool guy and wants everyone to be happy, but because there is an election coming up and he wants that silly majority vote. There was a gallop poll done and it showed that 51% of Americans are for gay marriage and 49% are against it. So, I wonder how he really feels? I guess we won’t know because he’s playing a really good game of politics.

This is not to say that I am not for gay marriage. Who am I to say that if a woman wants to be stuck with another woman the rest of her life, that she shouldn’t be able to? Let all people be able to suffer like the married folk! Huzzah!

Alright, I suppose I’ll get off my pedestal now.

I got headed butted today too, so I’m doubly pissed.


My lip looked a little bit like this fo-toe from the world wide web.


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