Today was a gloooooorious day. (Imagine a light operatic voice on that ooooooo). Harrison started saying dada, and I’m sure he means it as he is quite advanced you know. Then we worked on rolling over some more and he is finally getting the hang of it. I never really put him down, he was always in his seat or being held, so we’re a little behind on the rolling over thing. Then, around about 2:00, he switched gears and turned into a little fuss-bucket. I began counting the minutes ’til his dad got home.

Just around the time he became stinky-fussy-fancy-pants he dropped his toy underneath the kitchen table. I, ever so gracefully, reached down with a spring in my step to get it. About halfway down I realized that my forehead was not going to clear the table.
I now have a lump the size of my thumb on my forehead.

The good of the day still outweighs the bad, so I would call today a winner! I will be posting a video later of his “dada” mumbling. However, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath as you may expire. I have an outing in Chicago tomorrow and will be über busy. Details to come!


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