The weekend

This weekend Jon and I attended a marriage class that was 6. Hours. Long. Oh the endless joys of being Catholic. It was taught by 4 priests and then an overly-confident, slightly obnoxious couple. The first priest was tame, boring if you will, but with each change of the priests they got more and more extreme. The fourth priest even took the lords name in vain (which is a no-no according to the 10 commandments) a couple times. Now, with a build up like this you would think that the 5th presentation would be exciting. However, what we got was a couple who made me want to smoosh their faces in. I know that seems extreme, but they took an hour telling us the story of how they met, which was NOT as exciting or cool as they would have you believe. They took turns, back and forth, telling parts of the story. It basically went like this:

They were 16/17 years old, he was in Mexico, she was in America, and they realized they liked their religion. Fast forward a couple years and they meet at a religious conference.

Sweet. No one cares.

Then, they showed us a slide show of their family. Which was sweet, if we were at their birthday, or wedding, or anything celebrating them. Instead, we were at a marriage class that we paid for, to learn something.

A waste of time I tell ya!

So that was my weekend, how was yours?


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