That damn tree

The only workouts that I enjoy are the ones where I accomplish something. Which is why I have grown accustomed to doing our yard work. I don’t relish the idea of having to do it, but it gets me out of the house and I sweat (<Sad? Or normal, you decide.) So, my tree shenanigans of the previous post were not totally in vain. I finished the first round of the tree this evening and my arms are FEELING it.

What is the "first round" you ask? Because I know you are SO interested in my tree shenanigans. The first round is the first way around the pine tree. As I don't have a chain saw in my possession, I have to use clippers. They can cut a branch that is just a little bit wider around than a silver dollar. Sometimes I can cut a bigger one if I really use what my momma gave me, but I don't like to use that too often. You know, don't wanna wear it out. So, I have to go all the way around cutting the first half, smaller half, of the branches.

I'll post a picture of my masterpiece later. Because again, I know you are SO interested.

Meanwhile, in the world of babies, nothing funny or entertaining in any way has been happening. He is in the process of getting 4 teeth simultaneously so that sector of life is pretty miserable. In a rare moment of happiness I snapped this gem:



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