I’m baaaaaack!

I know you missed me, all two of you. How could you not?

I took a short hiatus because I got married. Which seems exciting, but is way more stressful than anything else. However, I had a great time and am now back to my boring, I mean, ahem, exciting life.

Here is a pic of my wedding because I know you are dying to see it:


So, during this whole wedding fiasco our poor dog has been slightly neglected. Now, just because I haven’t taken him for a walk or played with him a whole lot does not mean we deserved what he gave us.


Incident #1: The night before the wedding we had left our house at 4:00pm, which was the last time the dog got to go out. Jon didn’t make it home until late that evening (like around 1:00 probably) and didn’t let the dog out at that time. The demon dog from heck left him a nice puddle of pee pee trailing around the living room to the back door. Did he just have to pee? I think not. I think he left a trail because he was mad and he knew we were running out of cleaner.

Incident #2: A couple of days after the wedding Jon and I took some of our gift cards and got a cute little patio set with a table and 4 chairs from Bed Bath and Beyond. Jon set it up while I was out and wanted it to be a little surprise for me that it was set up. He walked in the house for a few minutes and came out to find the corner of one chair chewed off, with the dog humping the air next to it. I suppose he wanted all to know that he owned that chair.

Incident #3: we left the house for a few hours (Ok, Ok, 4 or 5) on Fathers day to celebrate with family. We came home to a blanket chewed up around the living room.

Death to the dog. Or to my sanity, whichever is less messy.


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