Boyer Black Hole

This past weekend was a busy one. Harrison went to the Grand Blanc art show with his grandma, great grandma, and myself on Saturday morning, we had a barbecue Saturday afternoon/evening, and we spent all of Sunday working on our yard and running errands. So, you may surmise that I would want to spend Monday relaxing. This was not the case. Today I took Harrison with me, my mom, and my grandma to Frankenmuth to eat a Zehnders fried chicken lunch and briefly walk around their shops. While this may strike you as a fun, relaxing adventure, I can assure you that it was not.

First, Harrison was fussy during lunch. He wanted to be held, wanted to eat this, didn’t want to eat that, screamed when I took the ice cream away, etc. This wasn’t (technically, ya I said technically) his fault because I made the mistake of giving him a nap at 9:45 in the morning instead of his usual 11:15. Who knew it would royally mess up his mood?

Second, I was stuck in the “Boyer Black Hole”. What is the “Boyer Black Hole” you ask? It is the culmination of generations of women who can’t make up their mind about anything, take 12 hours to purchase one t-shirt (and then promptly regret buying said t-shirt), and who spend way too much money on food, booze, and clearance items. Boyer is my grandmas last name, and my mother and her siblings maiden/last names. It is a way of life, and as such, deserves a copyright a-la the Kardashians. What was supposed to be a 2 hour trip, turned in to a 4 1/2+ hour trip.

Although I jest, we were gone for a very long time, which turned Hare into an even bigger fussy pants. We started our journey at 11:50AM and didn’t get home until 7:30ishPM. I felt for him, as a mother should, but couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to drown out his fussing with music.

When we finally did arrive home, I set him down to play while I ate, and he smiled the biggest smile of the entire day. Bi-polar? Or just a man that knows what he wants? You decide.

Harrison and I today (he’s the one riding the stuffed lion):



7 thoughts on “Boyer Black Hole

  1. PS Don’t forget how we decide to buy 11 items and leave 10 of them at the check out having changed our minds. That is key. just saying.
    Also, I find it remiss not to mention the sending back of at least one lunch item due to “rancid” food. Joan.


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