The Plague

Our household is the most recent recipient of an illness. A horrible horrible illness.

A plague, if you will.

This plague has given unto the fruit of my loins a fever of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. If it were possible to kick an illnesses ass, this infections/viruses ass would be kicked, by me, at least 3 times.

On Tuesday morning I thought that Harrison’s head felt a little warm, but not hot, so I continued about my day. After lunch with, you guessed it, my mother, we arrived home and my little cherubs’ head was feeling hot so I took his temperature. It was 101.5 so I called the doctors office and got him right in. However, Instead of seeing the doctor, we were forced to see the nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner turned out to be a real ninny and, even though his left ear was red, wouldn’t give him an antibiotic until it was a full blown infection because ‘she just wasn’t sure’. So, we went home and I gave him acetaminophen and put him down for his nap.

He awoke an hour later to an even hotter forehead-his fever was higher than when I gave him the medicine! So I promptly called the (insert colorful insult here) nurse practitioner and she told me she would call in an antibiotic. About an hour later we left for the pharmacy (I couldn’t go get the medicine until Jon got home because he had our insurance info and medical card.) You would think that since a little over an hour had passed since the office said they would call the medicine in, that the prescription would be at the pharmacy. Nope, not what fate had in store for yours truly. That would be too simple for a special girl like me!

We got to the pharmacy and there was no RX. Jon was so angry, even though it was after hours, he drove right to the doctors office to sort it out. He stormed into the front doors with authority, all the while cursing under his breath and speaking of how he was going to give them a ‘piece of his mind’.

About 15 seconds later he walked out, deflated and anger less, and told me that they had called it in
10 minutes ago and to tell the pharmacy to check their voicemails. We called the pharmacy and they informed us that it was JUST sent in by Escribe (which is the program to send prescriptions electronically….a quick process that was obviously done to avoid admitting they forgot). The nurse practitioner is dead to me.

Long story short, er, long story not as long as it could have been, Harrison still has a fever-controlled by Motrin-and the antibiotics should be doing their job by now.

While the babe may be getting better soon, I have developed a stuffy nose and will soon be OD-ing on cold meds.

Wish us luck.



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