Motivation is hard to hold on to. Once I actually get motivated to do something, I’m never sure how long it will last.

These past few weeks have been crazy busy. What with getting sick, taking care of a sick baby, running a garage sale, and fixing up our basement and yard.

This morning my motivation died. It was only a matter of time. (What do I look like, superwoman?) As I lay here in bed, hoping the young babe will wake up (I know, weird right?), I think about all the crap that I don’t want to do. I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to do the yard work that needs to get done, I don’t even want to go on a walk. Basically, I’m tired. And the only reason that I WANT Harrison to wake up is because if he doesn’t soon, his nap will be too late and I won’t get to shower for a long time. Some might be bitter about having to schedule their normal cleansing activities around a baby, but not me. No, sir. Not even a little. I mean, so what if I have to wait to poop? If Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) can schedule his bowel movements I can too! I’m not a hippie! Right? Sigh.

Yesterday, I spent the day shopping and visiting. First, we went and picked up some baby clothes that I purchased from another mom. Then, we went and visited a friend from my ‘Moms’ group. And followed that excursion with a trip to the mall to see his granny and for me to buy some clothes. This adventure resulted in Harrison’s naps getting out of wack. After we got home, I bathed him and got ready for bed only to find out that he wasn’t going to be ‘ready’ for bed until 10 o’clock. I probably could have gotten him down sooner, but he is just too damn cute and cuddly. Because of all this, he is now still sleeping.

So, my friends, here’s hoping I can get my motivation back, fix his baby schedule, and do it all with a slap-happy smile on my face.

I mean, could you condemn this face to bed, when all he wants to do is smooch you? I think not.



One thought on “Motivation

  1. Sweetheart, I hope you save all of these delicious blogs & compile them into a book. It will be a smash hit with all young mothers. This old grandmother loves them!


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