I have often wondered how I would react to my first tantrum. I frequently pondered, would it be at home? Would it be at the store? Would hitting, biting, or kicking be involved? Would there be tears- would they be mine? Well I am here to tell you that I survived and need to ponder no more.

Today Harrison had his first outright, full on, temper tantrum. It began when I drank a little too much caffeine and had to use the restroom (I’ll spare you the gory details-you’re welcome). Naturally, I had to bring the babe into the bathroom with me. I have a process where I pick the garbage can and other assorted things off the floor so that he doesn’t get into them. However, I don’t have a process for keeping him out of the cupboards. The cupboards that house the dog shampoo, curling iron, cleaning supplies, etcetera, etcetera. So, as I am sitting on the toilet minding my own business, the precious babe decides he needs to see what’s in there right this second. What he didn’t count on is me thwarting him, bwahahahaaa. I leaned over and held both doors shut with my hand and, in response to the awesome thwarting, he freaked. The. Hell. Out.

It started as a whine, then a whimper, then a shout, then a scream so loud I was sure it wasn’t coming from MY charming son. He showed his full bipolar colors today, and it was awful. Though in fact, not the 10 worst minutes of my life. I actually found myself laughing at the ridiculousness, which I’m sure made him way more mad. Joy.

Also on the baby agenda today: figuring out the on/off T.V. Button. Apparently, Harry-mcHarrison is not into television watching.



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