The Man

Today ‘the man’ got me.

Not an actual man, mind you, (in fact it was a woman) but the ever watching ‘big brother’ man.

I decided to stay home today, as Harrison and I have taken too many adventures recently and we just needed a day to chill. (I’m also inclined to tell you that I wanted a day to not spend any money, as I have been a bit of a shopper lately).

So, so far today we have had a good day (sans temper tantrum described in previous post). We have played, watched T.V. and even snuggled a little bit. However, the good day soon drew to a close.

At approximately 12:59PM, eastern standard time, my doorbell rang. When I peeked out the front window, the woman saw me and knocked on the door (biatch, can’t you see I’m trying to avoid you?). So, I went to the door and cautiously opened it up (psh, bitches be crazy-I trust no one). I immediately saw her shirt with the words Animal Control emblazoned on her chest. I said, ‘Hi, can I help you?’ To which she replied, ‘Yes, I’m an officer with Genesee County Animal Control. Does your dog have a license?’

Shit, shit, shit.

‘No,’ I said, ‘I didn’t know I needed one?’ Long story short, imagine me stuttering and acting as if I didn’t know any better, she saddled me with a $40.00 dog license. $40.00 may not seem like a lot to most people, and it’s not a ton, but when you want to go one day without spending money, it is a very irritating prospect. It was particularly irritating because during the ‘off season’ (who knew that there was an ‘off season’ for dog licensing?) the fee is only $20.00!

I ain’t gon’ let the man hold me down, no sir.



2 thoughts on “The Man

  1. I hope it was really the Animal Control! I had a friend tell me they stopped at her door and tried to sell her a license for their dog that has been dead for years… she didn’t know if they were legit or not. I suppose if she’s in Swartz Creek and you’re out in Fenton it is probably the real deal. Shoulda lied and said yes, girl!


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