Goin’ broke savin’ money

I always knew being a stay at home mom wasn’t for me because I have a severe case of children induced boredom. (Although I can’t really be considered a stay-at-home-mom because I work on the weekends and go to school during the week.) However, I stay at home just enough to get bored. I mean, playing with a baby all day may seem like a whole barrel of awesomeness to you, but to me it’s torture. I’m one of those weird women who would much rather work and come home to just a couple hours of time with their kids before bed. I love the munchkin more than anything (sorry, Jon) but I need adult-away-from-children time.

So, because I get bored, I shop. I shop for clothes, I shop for food, I especially shop for bargains. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to my shopping problem. You want to do it when you’re happy, when you’re sad, etc. etc. Well, I do it when I get bored.

In an effort to curb my spending I promised myself I’m going to Target (Tar-jay for those who are ‘in the club’) to walk around as “exercise”. I walk in and what is that I see? The $1.00 section with 70% off?? How can I resist? It is physically impossible to say no to cards, pads of paper, containers, and many other goodies for 30 cents. Physically impossible!

So instead of spending $0.00 dollars, I spend $20.00, but hey, I got a great deal right?

This momma needs an intervention.



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