Price check

Last week, yes I’m a little behind, I went to Macy’s to visit my mom (she was working). During said visit, we decided to browse the children’s clothing section. We filled up our arms with what we hoped would be good deals and headed towards the price checker. (This activity is a very ‘Boyer Black Hole-ish’ activity, but is acceptable when you are a willing participant.) The price checker proved to be my friend that day and I scored some great deals on a couple of long sleeve shirts for the young heathen.

While I was finding out the good news, a Macy’s employee (and friend of my mom) happened to saunter by. I could hear her ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the extreme cuteness of chunky cheeks mcgee and thought nothing of it. That is, until I heard her say, “What are you doing cutie? Did your momma set you down to stretch your legs? Are you playing there on the ground?”


I whipped around the stroller and what do I see?


This little stinker slipped right under the strollers safety bar and sat on the ground!

Why wasn’t he buckled in you ask? Because his dear granny insisted that I don’t buckle him in for her convenience. She wanted to pick him up with ease, instead of making sure he is safe.

This my friends, is the woman who was responsible for THREE, count ’em, THREE lives.

How did we survive?


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