The week/end from heck

If you’re wondering why I used a fake swear word, just talk to my mother, and 3 of my judge-y, I mean CARING, LOVING, ETC, ETC, aunts, and my granny. APPARENTLY swearing is FROWNED UPON in our society. So, I challenged myself to not swear in at least one post. Here goes nothing.

So this week, I would like to invite you to bask in the craptastic glow of my unfortunate circumstances.

This past Friday, my Dzia Dzia (grandpa, Polish, pronounced Ja-Ja), passed away. He was suffering from Dementia and, while it was obviously his time to go, it still affected me more than I thought it would. You would think that having plenty of time to prepare yourself makes death easier. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am sad, but I’m also happy, because he has been freed from his disease.

My dad texted me at about 5 in the morning to tell me about his passing, but I didn’t read it until Harrison, letting me sleep in, woke me up at 5:30 AM. It took me a few minutes to process the news, but once I was able to gather my thoughts, I turned to Harrison and said, “Dzia Dzia passed away.” As we sat there, I saw *his* little face trying to process the news. After about a minute, he turned to me and, with a thoughtful look, said, “You know how Jesus brought the little girl back to life? Maybe God can do that to Dzia Dzia.” I was able to hold my tears back, but was astounded at the connection this little guy made between a bible story we had read a few nights prior and what was happening now.

Now during this sad event, Harrison and Delaney were battling severe bronchitis, ear infections, and the original virus that started it all. Harrison had a fever for SIX DAYS. It was crazy. So, they didn’t attend the wake or the dinner and Jon and I missed out on quite a few nights of sleep. Naturally, with lack of sleep comes a higher likelihood that *I* would contract the illnesses. Also naturally, both children coughed straight into my mouth, on more than one occasion, and I accidentally ate a rogue Delaney-made snot bubble, so, inevitably, I began to feel ill on Friday, shortly after hearing the bad news.

Fast forward to Tuesday. I was down. for. the count. At this point, my mom should have just moved in. She already helps with the kids SO much, but this was *crazy*. She has been over my house every day since Saturday. (I had a passing thought of just making her my prisoner, but then I realized she kind of already was) I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Pneumonia and a sinus/ear infection.

(Now here’s where it mayyyy get a little TMI. If you’re squeamish, or a dude, look away.)

Then today, after what was already a miserable 7 days, I started my period. 😭😭😭💃🏼 That little red bit…..BIATCH (see, I knew I could write a post without swearing, but the effect really isn’t the same, ya know?) came dancing into my day, just as I got in the car to take my son to school. So, I had to get everyone out of the car, do my lady business, and get everyone back in the car, to take the 5 minute drive to school. I’m hoping that the period-induced chocolate eating will lift my mood enough to at least enable me to be a DECENT mom tomorrow. I’ll totally settle for decent.

On Facebook I asked for prayers for my Dzia Dzia, on here I’ll just ask that you leave a comment telling me that your week/end was great/has been great, because I’d like some positivity in my life. Scratch that, tell me it’s been awful out there. Misery loves company.


3 thoughts on “The week/end from heck

  1. Don’t feel bad! You aren’t the only one having a bad week/weekend!!! For some reason the past month has been like “If it can go bad, it will. At the worst. Possible. Minute” So don’t feel alone. You definitely have company!! LOL


  2. My poor poor Kat! I feel so bad for you. But, on a positive note you are blessed to have the help from your mommy!
    And I loved the fact that you didn’t have to cuss to get your point across. Lol


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