Erythema Multiforme-W.T.F.

They say that hindsight is 20/20.

My last post consisted of complaining about my bad week/weekend. I really should have waited to write about it, because it got much worse, ugh, so. much. worse.

To recap: Kids diagnosed and given antibiotics on Wednesday the 20th, Harrison given new antibiotics on Friday the 22nd, Dzia Dzia passed away the same Friday the 22nd, I got sick Saturday the 23rd, it turned into Pneumonia on or around Tuesday the 26th-when I was given antibiotics, and my period crashed the party on Wednesday the 27th (which, if you’re a woman, you just know how much this just sucks).

SO, now you’re caught up on our unfortunate sitch-ee-ation.

On Thursday the 29th of January I FINALLY started to feel better. I got up, got dressed and MADE THE BED. I hadn’t made our bed in almost a week and it felt glorious. (If you know me at all, you know I never go a day without doing so. It makes me feel like the day has begun. Kind of like a shower, but for my soul.) I was so happy that I practically lept up the stairs to get Delaney out of bed. (That was a lie.  In the mornings, regardless of illness level, I move like a tortoise. I’m tired, yo.) I strolled into her room, said our “Good Morning’s” and gave her a hug. I laid her down and started to undress her to change her diaper and to change her out of her PJ’s. In between telling Harrison to “STOP TOUCHING HIS SISTER” and “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY, GO GET YOUR CLOTHES” I noticed that Delaney had a couple of spots on her belly. At this point, they just looked like your run-of-the-mill weird bumps that occasionally pop up on a person. I took mental note of them, but brushed them off. We went about our morning like normal and I gave Delaney one of her remaining doses of Amoxicillin.

We didn’t have much planned for the day, BUT I pulled out the painting stuff that they got for Christmas because I felt like I needed to “mom” after the month we had had. (Let me tell you, I am not a great mom, I don’t do a lot of arts and crafts and I like to make them play together (“I’ll just watch you guys, hunny”). Im trying to make them independent, or some shit.) After the painting and some lunch, (a PB&J of course, what else would a mediocre mom make for lunch?) I took Delaney upstairs to get ready for her nap. I read her a book and laid her down to change her diaper (I know, I know, I need to potty train her, my mother tells me about 7 times a day). When I pulled her shirt up I noticed that the spots had started to migrate up. At this point I was concerned. I hadn’t given her any new foods, no new laundry soap, lotion, etc. Everything was the same (because lame is my middle name) (I should have been a rapper, that rhyme was on point.) So, I called the doctor and they told me not to give her the second dose of Amoxicillin and to give her a dose of Benadryl. I followed their orders and put her to bed. She fell asleep in less than 2 minutes, I kid you not. Girlfriend was exhausted, which is very unlike her. I then put Harrison to bed and sat down, for what I always hope will be, a long ass time. I need at least an hour to myself to ensure that I don’t snap on these fool’s.

When they got up from their naps, I was unhappy to see that there was no change in Delaney’s spots. By 5 o’clock, my mom was over, checking them out for me and I was frantically inquiring in my Facebook “mom’s” group about what the hell they could be. I, of course, diagnosed her with a rare skin disease, and my “moms” group basically told me to stop freaking the F out. But alas, I could not stop freaking the F out. Then, at about 8 o’clock, I took her to the ER. Two doses of Benadryl had done nothing and I wanted to quell my fears. At the ER the doctor diagnosed her as having an allergic reaction to Amoxocillin and gave her an oral steroid with instructions to give her Benadryl at home, as well as more oral steroids. I felt better and we were home by 10 o’clock.

When we woke up on Friday morning, Jon took Harrison to school and to get the prescription for the oral steroids. When he got back, we decided that we needed to take her back to the ER. Her face was completely swollen, there were welts over her entire body, she was lethargic, and she struggled to clear her throat. Even though I was panicking, I was optimistic that the ER visit would be fast because the doctors had assured me it was a simple reaction and I thought that maybe she just needed a steroid shot or a different steroid or something. I was also optimistic that it would be quick because it needed to be quick. I had my Dzia Dzia’s funeral service to attend that afternoon.

I should not have been so optimistic. 😭

Once we got to the hospital, they immediately took us back, started an IV and diagnosed her with Erythema Multiforme. We were thoroughly confused and the doctors seemed really interested in her. I mean, I’m glad they were interested in her, IM interested in her, but it can kinda freak you out when you’re the mommy of a sick baby. They even went so far as to have us sign something so they could do a case study and took pictures of her poor belly. To make a stupidly long story short, she stayed two days in the hospital for observation and to give IV steroids, we didn’t get to attend my Dzia Dzia’s service, we’re going to be given a crazy big hospital bill in about a month, and SHE DID HAVE A RARE SKIN DISEASE. (OK, I know its not a disease, but you know, Its nice to have your gut-feelings validated.)

On Monday the spots had begun to fade as quickly as they popped up. The hospital doctor called me back and told me that Delaney is not to be given Penicillin any more. I guess the reaction that she had was pretty rare in children, and more rare in a child younger than 3 years.

In conclusion, we had a pretty eventful January. (Imagine me raising a glass of delicious booze) Here’s to February, you beautiful, chocolate filled mistress. And screw you January, Screw. You.

P.S. Here are some pics of my poor baby. The pics really don’t do it justice and I was too freaked out/busy/tired to take more. If any of you happen upon this post in search of your own answers, (because I totally empathize, I googled for 3 days straight) feel free to shoot me an e-mail at These welts turned into bruises, then faded to a brown color, but I don’t have individual pictures of the progression.




2 thoughts on “Erythema Multiforme-W.T.F.

  1. My daughter was just diagnosed with erythema multiforme. It’s been a nightmare we are on day 3. Our Dr told us to do benadryl at night and the steroid once in the day. I have noticed some bruised brown looking areas and the rash seems to be fading in places that were bad yesterday. And new spots seem to come and go. I hope your daughter is feeling better!


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