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Nutella Balls

My best friend and the love of my life, Alyssa, (Sorry husband), challenged me to write some recipes for my blog. She thought it was the perfect combo of both my writing skills (or lack-thereof) and my love of food. I agreed with her, as I love food more than anything (again, sorry husband). Also, I know this will probably make my mom happy, as well, as she is sick of me complaining. (Did I mention that we’re sick-AGAIN? I will spare you the details but apparently God hates me. I’m not sure what I did, I try to be a good Catholic girl, but I guess KEEPING THE 10 COMMANDMENTS just ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH NOW-A-DAYS.)

So, upon searching my inner soul for a recipe that really speaks to my heart, I was unable to come up with anything that has been made before. (OK, I realize it may have been made before, but I really just wanted to use ingredients that I had on hand. With the kids being sick, and it being about 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside, my ass was NOT going to the store.) (Don’t tell my husband I said that because I actually do want to go to the store by myself later.)  My sister, knowing the inner workings of my aforementioned heart, had given me a Nutella cookbook for Christmas. I was elated when I received the gift, and will be tweaking a couple recipe’s from it to suit my own selfish needs. This is how I came up with NUTELLA BALLS. It combines two things in life that I love dearly, NUTELLA and BALLS.

So here’s the Motha-truckin recipe:

2 Cups of Powdered Sugar

1 Cup of Nutella

1/2 Cup of melted Butter (That’s 1 stick for you baking challenged)

Mix all those sweet-ass ingredients together in a bowl. Note: It will be kind of hard to stir and you will probably wonder if you’re screwing it up; You’re not.

Once they’re mixed and your arm is basically dead, roll that fudgey mess into little 1-inch balls and place on a plate or something.

Coup de Grace:

2 Tablespoons melted Butter

2 cups crushed Corn Chex

Mix that shit together. Roll the Nutella Balls into the topping. Make sure and really smoosh the Chex into the balls physique, as you do not want them to just fall off. Place all the balls gently onto a plate (or whatever) and refrigerate. You don’t actually HAVE to refrigerate them, but I found that they are better to eat once they have set.

So, this was obviously my first time making these as I just thought it up, but it was PERFECT for me because I *cannot* bake. Like, I literally can’t. Ask my sister, she’ll vouch for me. They are really rich and basically an orgasm in your mouth. The chex and butter add some much needed saltiness as well. You will not be disappointed. Actually, you might be, I don’t know what you like to eat, but try them anyway.




DISCLAIMER: They are not visually great. But honestly, the Mona Lisa really isn’t that pretty either and shes the MONA LISA, ya feel me?




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