The greatest gift my children have ever given me (and, no, its not the “unconditional love” you hear about)

For me, and for (probably) most of you, sleep is of utmost importance. As a parent, sleep can often evade us for even small reasons, such as worrying if your kids are alive or dead in their beds. (I’m serious, every night, I’m pretty sure they’re dead up there, or they’ve somehow been abducted. So, I check on them at least 5 times before I finally go to bed.) (Most of you do that, too, right? I can’t be the only one who does that.) So, when I’m finally in full-REM-sleep-utopia, the last thing I want to do is to be woken up at the ass-crack of dawn. I would prefer the beautiful breasts of the late morning. (I made that last phrase up, but it makes sense. Ass-crack/Beautiful Breasts, Dawn/Late-morning. See? I’m CLEVER) Kids, on the other hand, seem to be able to function on less sleep than I got when I was in college. (Hellooooo alcohol fueled all-nighters.) As a new mom, this was a huge shock for me. I mean, people tell you that you won’t get any sleep, but MAN, it is really somethin’ to experience it first hand.


Me on my first night as a mom: Yeah, if you could give me about 120 more minutes of sleep that’d be greatttttt.

Because of my need for sleep, when Delaney finally grew out of the baby stage, I prayed that she would behave similarly to my son, and would sleep in. I was very wrong. In fact, something happened to both of my children. They morphed into NORMAL KIDS. Kids that don’t sleep in, but rather, they wake up early as balls. So early, that I literally have no idea what time they actually wake up. (However, my husband has assured me that they are still sleeping when he leaves for work.) I was devastated. I was not meant for normal kid sleeping routines! I was meant for the weirdo kids who slept in!

Then, an amazing thing happened. My son discovered something wonderful, something magical, and ultimately gave me the greatest gift that I could have ever imagined.

My son, my beautiful, smart, charming son, WAKES UP IN THE MORNING AND, instead of waking me up, GOES STRAIGHT TO HIS SISTERS ROOM TO PLAY. Sometimes he brings them both an iPad to play on, sometimes he hops into the crib with her, but he always goes straight for her room to hang out with her.

It was as if the heavens opened up, and God said to me, “Blessed be you, Katherine of Michigan, I shall gift you sleep, so that you may not freak-out on a daily basis. Be well, my child.” And then I WAS well.

Had I been continually forced to wake up when they wake up, I would be way more irritable than I am currently. So in reality, its almost like a gift for all of us. My precious sleep is seriously the only reason I’m making it around here.

For those of you who may be jealous, I’m sure your kids also  give you great gifts, like, say, listening to you, at least some of the time. My kids don’t listen to me, EVER. I mean, EVER. So, its a trade-off. I get to sleep a little extra, they get to be jerks. Win/Win.


They can occasionally (read:frequently) be the worst, but every morning I am reminded of how awesome they really are.


2 thoughts on “The greatest gift my children have ever given me (and, no, its not the “unconditional love” you hear about)

  1. Oh my. I feel your pain. My 4 year old has been waking up at 4:30am almost every day for 2 years.

    The best gift he ever gave me is being capable to get himself some cereal or make himself a sandwich so I don’t have to get up that early!


  2. Haha – I hear you on this! My toddlers can’t seem to sleep beyond the wee hours. So far one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given is my older child taking the initiative to help potty train his younger sibling!


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