Sour Patch Kid or The Curse, which my mother wrought on me 20 years ago


These. Kids.

I love them more than anything in the entire world. They take me to the brink of sanity (insanity? whatever, they drive me nuts), only to bring me back with perfectly timed naps, bed times, and intermittent “I Love You’s”. (2 out of those 3 nice things were sleep-related, coincidence? I think not.)

So, when my second little bundle of joy started to become a toddler, I was expecting her to behave similarly to my son. My son, Harrison, is cool, calm, collected, a total unicorn in the world of children. This kid has had, maybe, 3 full-on tantrums in his life and I can pinpoint exactly where I went wrong to incite such strong emotions from him. (Each incident was caused by lack of sleep and poor planning on my part.) I’m telling you, total freak of nature.

Now my daughter. *Sighs in defeat* Let me tell you about my daughter. Delaney is a ball of difficult, but she’s wrapped in a sweet exterior. She will step on your toes to inflict pain, but will be super sweet and apologetic afterwards. She is the literal example of a sour-patch kid from those SourPatch Kids commercials.


First she’s sour, then she’s sweet. It’s unnerving.

I don’t know where I went wrong with her. However, I am resigned to say that it is not my fault. I got lucky with my son and was served my come-up-ins with my daughter. In fact, I don’t blame myself OR nature, I blame my mother. No, no, I’m not unnecessarily “blaming my parents” for my adult happenings. It is actually, REALLY, my mom’s fault.

Years ago, when I was just a little, precious, spirited girl, my mom wished this on me. I will never forget the THOUSANDS (YES, THOUSANDS) of times she uttered the words, “I hope, one day, that you have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU!” (<Read that like a crazy woman, screaming, spittle flying). This was a cruel thing to say to any person, let alone your darling daughter: the girl you are supposed to love and cherish, nurture and keep safe. The girl that you are NOT SUPPOSED TO WISH BAD THINGS ON. I would like to point out that I would NEVER wish this on Delaney. I hope that she has only EASY children. (Ha! Is there such a thing? But, you know that I mean) *Sigh*

What’s done is done and, as we speak, I have had to get up 3 times to stop Delaney from killing herself or ruining my things.

Moral of my musings: Pray for me. And please don’t wish bad things on your children.

Happy Mother’s Day mom-Sorry I was so “Spirited” (I.E. TOO MUCH FOR YOU TO APPARENTLY HANDLE WITHOUT CURSING ME)




3 thoughts on “Sour Patch Kid or The Curse, which my mother wrought on me 20 years ago

  1. Had 3 none the same…fortunately I was not given the wish from a parent. I remember as mine were frustrating me in stores people would stop and say “enjoy this time it goes so fast” and I would think “I hope so” It was often not something I could enjoy. Now all grown, funny I only remember the good times we had that were many. I know we struggled but it is forgotten and you know I love my Adult kids~ they are so much fun to hang out with now…that spirited personality reforms a bit and is just fun! Best wishes to you

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  2. I have my 2nd on the way and my first sounds just like yours. Now i am petrified to see what this 2nd baby girl has in store for me. None the less I believe being a mother is the best gift God could ever give us!

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