Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day.

I view Mother’s Day as a non-holiday, holiday, but still something that I thought I would look forward to, because I’m a mother. HOWEVER, I do NOT look forward to Mother’s Day. UNFORTUNATELY, when you become a mother, they neglect to tell you that you STILL HAVE TO CELEBRATE YOUR OWN MOTHER AND MOTHER-IN-LAW.

Let me paint a picture for you: Here I was, Circa 2012, sitting a few days before my first Mothers Day. I was overcome with feelings of joy and excitement. This was my first Mothers Day! I was going to spend time with my beautiful child and my wonderful husband! We were going to take the day and celebrate ME! Me being a mommy! So, I brought up my plans with my husband when he said, “You know, we still have to figure out plans with my mom and yours.”

Well, what. the. french.

What good is this “holiday” if I can’t celebrate how I want, how I YEARN to celebrate? Is it TOO MUCH TO ASK, TO LET ME SLEEP IN, ORDER A LARGE PIZZA, AND GIVE ME VODKA?

I think we all know how Sunday is going to go.

Good luck Mommy’s! May your sleep be deep and your liquor be strong.


Post Script: I’m not, like, ACTUALLY crotchety that I have to celebrate my own mother. I LOVE you, mom. BFF’s for life, dawg.


One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Yep, that’s every young mom’s problem! Fortunately, in my case my mother-in-law, god rest her soul, always preferred to go and see her own mom, so she was never really around on Mother’s Day. As for my mom, she is gracious enough to assure me that she would much rather spend a quiet day at home (don’t we all) so I should spend the day with my kids and my husband. God bless her! I wish a happy Mother’s Day and I hope you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones.


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