A Weak-a** Week

People, let me tell you about last week.

th (Oh ya, it was ME)

It was a rough one.

If you need any indication as to HOW rough it was, know this: I found a toenail in my hair.

Yes, you heard me. A Toe-nail.

I don’t know whose it was. I don’t know why it was in my hair. But, there it was. And that was the cherry-on-top of my week.

It didn’t start out that bad, Monday was rather uneventful. Then, Tuesday happened. Tuesday began with my sister telling me that she was upset with me. Apparently, the evening before, I had been “unkind” if you will. I won’t tell you the expletives she used, because I’m a LADY and I don’t USE that kind of LANGUAGE. Also, I say apparently because I literally had no idea that she was mad at me. I had no idea that I was coming-off “unkind”. So, that happened.

Then, shit hit-the-fan with my “Mom group”. My “Mom group” is my favorite place online. They are my mama-tribe, my village, my confidants, my friends. So when the group is wonky, I’M wonky.

THEN, I was asked out, TWICE. (I realize that this isn’t BAD, but it sure made the day more eventful) I mean, a married, mother-of-two getting asked out once is a feat of epic proportions. Getting asked out TWICE, that’s a damn miracle.

THEN, Harrison, my sweet, sweet, boy, dropped my cell phone and shattered the screen. I had handed him the phone to set SAFELY out of the way of our water shenanigans outside. I turned my back to finish my other task and when I turned around, all I saw was his beautiful, sad looking face. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I’m so sorry mama, are you mad at me?” as he slowly handed me my phone. I know that I looked devastated, but I held it together enough to say, “Oh hunny, It’s O.K.. I’m not mad.” Then he held me while I sobbed silently, patting me and saying, “It’s O.K. mama, It’s going to be O.K.”


I will spare you the details of the rest of the week, because, honestly, it didn’t get much better and included details like:

1. Dropping and breaking some of my favorite dishes

2. Stubbing my toe THREE. TIMES.

3. Being a wife and a mother

4. Forgetting to do my homework

5. Accidentally eating moldy bread (SIDE NOTE: when I just read this to my husband, he had the AUDACITY to say to me, “Did you REALLY eat moldy bread?” AS IF I WOULD MAKE THIS UP. SMDH.)



This week is already shaping up to be better, so at least there’s that. Wish me luck!




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