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The Greatest Piece of “Mom Clothing” You Will Ever Buy

*I received two free sweaters and a bag from Multiwear in exchange for writing a review on the blog.*

I have to tell you that crap, but I can assure you that my opinions are my own, and I would not lie to you. You can trust me, we’re friends.

SO anywho, let me tell you about this sweater! It is called the Cardimom by Multiwear and it is, seriously, AMAZING. Not only does it function as, well, a sweater, but it ALSO functions as a poncho, a nursing cover, a baby-wearing sweater (while backpack carrying!), and a car seat cover! AND YOU CAN DRAPE IT ON YOUR HEAD TO FORM A HOOD. (This feature seriously made me feel so badass, kind of like a ninja assassin or some sh*t.) While I’m not pregnant, I absolutely cannot wait to have my next baby because it is the most functional piece of clothing I have ever encountered for a mother.

When I nursed my two heathens, I struggled to find something that was both comfortable and actually worked to cover up my boobs (breasticles, fun bags, whatever you want to call them.) AND GUESS WHAT, this thing both works and is comfortable.

I distinctly remember walking around Target (Hello, where else would a new mother of two be walking around) and desperately trying to nurse my daughter, while I walked. This was no easy feat and the blanket kept falling off, exposing my tiny boob. I know, I know, some of you are all, “Who cares?! Show those sisters off to the world. You don’t owe anyone anything!” Well I’m here to tell you, some of us don’t cover up for other people’s comfort. I cover up for my own comfort. And this baby does the trick, let me tell ya. It doesn’t feel hot, it stays in place, and it is super easy to switch it from sweater to nursing cover or poncho. I seriously can’t say enough great things about it. In fact, even though I have been given two to try, I will for sure be purchasing one as a gift for my next baby shower attendance. That is how intensely I love it.

As I said, not only is this thing a great nursing cover, but it is also a really cute sweater, so I have included some pictures of myself to prove it. Look at them, would ya just look at them.

If you haven’t seen this video on YouTube, PLEASE look it up

Ok, so clearly I’m not a model, but I hope you can look past that and see how functional it is. I was given a pink and a black, and the only difference is, is that they had sent me an older version of the black sweater. The black one was a little thicker (though still very breathable) and shorter, while the pink one was a little flowy-er and longer. Thankfully, the newer version of the sweater is a bit more functional and flattering than the older version, as it lays a little better on the body. ALSO, I received a size Medium, and it was perfect. I am, in general, a size medium in 99% of shirts (unless I’m in the teeny-bopper section, then I need like an XXXL, ok, ok, like an XL), so I would say it is true to size.

Summary of awesomeness:

  1. Sweater
  2. Hooded sweater
  3. Nursing cover
  4. Poncho
  5. Baby wearing sweater (backpack carry!)
  6. Car seat cover
  7. Car seat blanket
  8. Shopping cart cover (in a pinch)

In conclusion, it is clear that I love this piece of clothing. I also love you guys, and I wanted to get you guys a deal! So, if you use the coupon/sale code KATCARAH, you can get 10% off of your order on their website! These don’t go on sale very often, and they just had a Memorial Day sale, so I would totally recommend grabbing yours while its hot!


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