Summer is for Friends, an Update

So, as I’m sure some of you noticed (Am I being optimistic here? Never mind, please don’t answer), I took a few weeks off from writing because SUMMER. (Insert Olaf interlude a la the juggernaut that is Frozen that I may or may not have seen 457 times in the last year alone.) My family and friends and I have really been making the most of it, but it has really caused me to slack on my responsibilities.

I will have you all know, though, that I am BACK and I am BETTER than EVER. Well, not exactly, but I *am* a tad more tan and a little more rested. O.K., I’m not going to lie to you, that was all a lie, I’m actually just as pale as ever and I am actually LESS rested from staying up too late.

So, that’s that. Expect a new post soon, peace out mah frands.

Some new friends
An older friend
My oldest friend

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