We’re All Screamers

Friends, I wanted to take a moment today, to share with you, some important information.

This information, that I have, was not a passing thought, but rather a carefully thought-out and researched, (through self reported mommy bitch-fests, from both my own, personal friends, and from my long distance friends (or strangers, whatever) all around the internet), piece of information.


That’s right. You’re a screamer, I’m a screamer, that PERFECT (looking) biatch down the road is a screamer, too.

And no, Deborah, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m not referring to screaming in the boudoir. I am referring to the frustrated scream of the mother. The guttural cry of the frustrated, sleep deprived, haven’t-had-two-seconds-to-myself-because-of-these-heathens woman who just NEEDS EVERYONE TO JUST BE QUIET AND EAT THEIR DAMN FOOD.

Please, if I can offer you solace of any kind, PLEASE know that you ARE. NOT. ALONE. We ALL do it, even if others say they don’t. And if a mom says she doesn’t and she *actually* doesn’t? Well I’m not sure I want to be friends with her any way, let alone care about her opinion. (Because that woman is a freak of nature.) (Seriously, freak. of. fracking. nature.)

Whether you come from a long line of loud-hollering women, or if you’re a first generation hollerer, you’re not alone and you are not without support. This is my public call to anyone who feels alone in their frustration, do not hesitate to shoot me a message. I’m here and I support you!

Screamers unite!

or this

are all considered normal, you know, scientifically.


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