I Lost My Shit Today-A Poem

I lost my shit today, Not unlike any other day, But different from yesterday, Because yesterday we had fun.   Today when I awoke, It seemed like a cruel joke, They were already screaming, “Mommy she is teasing!” And as you can imagine this was not very pleasing.   I’m ashamed of what I have… Continue reading I Lost My Shit Today-A Poem


We’re All Screamers

Friends, I wanted to take a moment today, to share with you, some important information. This information, that I have, was not a passing thought, but rather a carefully thought-out and researched, (through self reported mommy bitch-fests, from both my own, personal friends, and from my long distance friends (or strangers, whatever) all around the… Continue reading We’re All Screamers


Summer is for Friends, an Update

So, as I’m sure some of you noticed (Am I being optimistic here? Never mind, please don’t answer), I took a few weeks off from writing because SUMMER. (Insert Olaf interlude a la the juggernaut that is Frozen that I may or may not have seen 457 times in the last year alone.) My family… Continue reading Summer is for Friends, an Update

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The Greatest Piece of “Mom Clothing” You Will Ever Buy

*I received two free sweaters and a bag from Multiwear in exchange for writing a review on the blog.* I have to tell you that crap, but I can assure you that my opinions are my own, and I would not lie to you. You can trust me, we’re friends. SO anywho, let me tell you… Continue reading The Greatest Piece of “Mom Clothing” You Will Ever Buy


Lies I tell my Children

I have two fairly smart kids. I mean, I don’t see any geniuses coming out of my uterus, but they are totally the next best thing. This is why, I will be BEYOND sad, when they finally figure out my lies. Until then, I will continue to lie, if only to save my sanity. So,… Continue reading Lies I tell my Children


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. I view Mother’s Day as a non-holiday, holiday, but still something that I thought I would look forward to, because I’m a mother. HOWEVER, I do NOT look forward to Mother’s Day. UNFORTUNATELY, when you become a mother, they neglect to tell you that you STILL HAVE TO CELEBRATE YOUR OWN MOTHER AND… Continue reading Mother’s Day